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The Business Launch Plan

Take the Leap

Arguably the most difficult aspect of any business is deciding to just go for it.  In the beginning there are so many unknowns.

Allan has helped many companies though this difficult process of getting enough information and motivation to take the leap. 


Most businesses have a “honeymoon phase” where the partners and investors are very excited and motivation is at an all-time high.

After a while, the initial excitement wears off and all that remains is the grind.

Allan helps businesses through this phase by focusing on strategic growth and operational efficiency .

Rocket Fuel

Scaling a company at significant pace can cause unique issues.  Some issues include low cash reserves, operational inefficiencies and challenges with personnel. 

Allan helps companies through the growth process by alerting leaders to potential hazards before they occur and motivating through growing pains.  Because Allan has led companies through various growth phases, he is able to create a vision for others so they can see the results that growth produces long before they exist.  

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People are Talking

For me, Allan is the perfect blend of coach and mentor to help me achieve my dreams as a small business entrepreneur. Dreams are not achieved without executing a plan that addresses the realities we face, both now and in the future. With only my perspective, I’m not aware of my blindspots—both unseen opportunities and lurking dangers—until tough experience shows them to me! With Allan however, I have an objective, credible and down-to-earth resource that helps me navigate these challenges I am facing so I can hone and execute my plans and then achieve my dreams.”-Kenny S. 

“My time with Allan was well spent.  He is extremely knowledgeable in the Pest Control industry and helped me to think more clearly about my business.  I would encourage anyone looking for a mentor or a fresh perspective to reach out to Allan.  I also felt that he genuinely cared about my business and wanted to help make me more successful.” –Harvey J.

“Allan has done a great job bringing valuable guests into his podcast episodes – I’m looking forward to the guests of the upcoming season. Among other businesses, Allan has built a very successful pest control service business, so his podcast is an excellent resource for pest control company owners like me.” – Tom M.

“Allan Draper has proven to be a business expert and has given me tons of sound advice. He often says the phrase, “It depends…” because he realizes each business, their situation, goals, and desires are different so he gives custom tailored advice! Definitely a wise man you can trust!”-Jake I. 

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In the meantime, here are a few FAQ's

Go to the Scheduling link above or click here to schedule a time to speak with Allan.  

Allan specializes in helping companies produce explosive growth. He is the owner and founder of several multimillion dollar companies a few of which achieved that status within a few short years. 

Obtaining capital for a business that will require significant overhead can be a daunting task. There are several things to consider during that process. 

Allan will help you answer questions such as:

-how much capital will I need?

-how much equity am I willing to give up?


-how do I valuate my business? 

Outside of a few industries (usually tech-related), the business “idea” is not typically as important as the execution.  

Furthermore, in most cases, the original idea or business concept evolves overtime as the entrepreneur learns more about business, her competitors and the industry. 

That being said, Allan will ask questions and engage in analysis that will assist you in determining whether your idea is viable. 

Allan provides free consultations.  Schedule an appointment here to speak with Allan and during the consultation details regarding future coaching will be provided.  

Starting a business is certainly not for everyone.  During your conversation Allan, he will walk you through an analysis to determine if entrepreneurship is the best path for you. 

Business partnerships can be some of the most challenging, yet most rewarding, of experiences of an entrepreneurs career. The decision of whether or not to start a business with a partner is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  

With significant experience working with partners, Allan is in a great position to discuss and analyze the pros and cons of working with a business partner.  

Allan wrote an acclaimed article entitled 3 Keys to Becoming a Great Business Partner.   

Although Allan is a licensed attorney in Arizona, he is no longer a practicing attorney.  

That being said, his law school education and career as a practicing attorney has prepared him to identify legal issues and overcome them with the assistance of practicing attorneys. 

Regarding the organization of a business, depending on how complex and sophisticated the startup is, a founder can usually navigate his way through the organization and registration process.  And Allan can help with this.   

Consider this the sign that you have been looking for to take that leap of faith