S2Ep26: How to Overcome Adversity with Persistent Motivation

In today’s episode, Allan is excited to welcome twin brothers Chris and Eric Martinez, founders of Dynamic Duo Training, an online nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle consulting business. Chris and Eric are spreading their positive message of making mind growth a priority for anyone wanting to be successful. Your motivation will come from your thoughts, attitude, and actions. Mind growth is at the forefront of being an entrepreneur, and the easiest way to focus on mind growth is to find a mentor or join a mastermind. Allan gives insight into his biggest form of motivation. Entrepreneurs will succeed if they focus on mental growth.  Chris and Eric can be reached using the following links:




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Hey, everyone, welcome to the show. I’m Allan. I’m a family man, an attorney and an entrepreneur. Each week, we provide resources and advice to help build your business. Are you ready? Then let’s go.

Everyone, welcome to the show. Today, I’m excited to welcome twin brothers. Alright, this is a first for me, I don’t think I’ve ever interviewed two people at the same time before. So these guys check this out. They’re the founders of Dynamic Duo training, which is an online nutrition exercise and lifestyle consulting business. And they’re also number one international best sellers. They’re also podcast hosts. So anyway, Chris, and Eric, welcome to the show, guys.

Allan, thanks so much for having us. And you know, I was gonna ask you to is this the first time that you’ve interviewed a set of twins? And you answered the question?

Yeah, it is. So I mean, I’m excited. It’s cool to interview brothers. Also, a large part of the businesses that I own, I own with my brother, we’re not twins, but I don’t know if that makes it easier. Or tougher. Because I see twins. I have nephews that are twins, and they seem to get along so well. So is that for you guys? Are you guys like, always like finishing each other’s sentences?

We definitely have that. I don’t know what it’s called, but I kill he’ll say something. And then I’ll be like, Oh, I was just about to say that, and just vice versa. But, and we we do butt heads. But we do have like, you know, we feed off our strengths and weaknesses. And we’re very aware of that. So somehow we’ve we’ve made it just worked for the last decade or so.

Awesome. And just for our listeners and viewers, I guess our viewers specifically, I’ve got Eric on the right. So as we’re viewing this on the right, and Chris is on the left, let’s talk a little bit about your guys’ partnership and your businesses. What’s been the toughest part of just being partners, just starting a business with partners? Let’s talk about the let’s get the bad stuff out of the way. First, what are the challenges guys?

Yeah, I mean, I would say it was our own ego, really, you know, I think that if we would have hired a mentor or went through like a mastermind or a program, you know, right at the get go, we could have avoided so much pain, so much agony, right? Because it was our own ego, we thought that, you know, we have this gift where we’re workhorses. And we thought that we could just do that we don’t need anybody else to tell us like what to do, and we’ll figure it out type of mindset. And that mindset only gets you so far as an entrepreneur, you know, so now our mindset is completely the reverse to where it’s like, why would you sit there and not follow somebody that has a blueprint has made the mistakes and accelerate that learning curve? You know, so, I would say, that was some of the biggest challenges at first was just our own ego in, you know, investing in mentorship and accelerating that learning curve, I’d say right, now, the hardest thing is just sometimes I guess, being on the same page, you know, because we do have like our strengths. And like, you know, we have different kind of like opinions and different different viewpoints and visions of like, the business and what we want to bring to it and stuff. So the challenge is just like meeting in the middle and finding a common ground with both like, you know, sides of it.

You know, what’s funny about partners is, you both kind of want the same thing, right? You want the best thing for the business, but sometimes that at least with me and my partners, they get lost, it gets lost in the weeds a little bit. When we’re talking about specifics, the specific way to do something, this specific approach that we’re going to take, and it helps me when I take a step back and I’m like, Alright, you know, my partner, Matt, love that dude, one of my best friends. He wants the same thing I want. He wants to develop businesses with me that are successful so that we can create jobs for people somewhere where they’re proud to work. And that helps when we’re kind of butting heads a little bit. It helps us okay, we have a different approach. We don’t know Which way is right or wrong in the beginning, it’s nice to kind of just take a step back and realize, hey, we’re in this together guys, like, we’ll figure it out. We have the same mindset. Let’s just kind of get together on the details.

Yeah, no, I love that, I think to what Chris and I have, like, just really establish right from the get go. That is we both have a winning belief system, as opposed to a self limiting belief system. And, you know, we’ve always just been just action takers and just been relentless and resilient about like, our pursuit to just, you know, reach our greatness, you know, create more impact. And, and just when you have somebody that’s on that same page, mentally, right, and it’s just like, nothing really will stand in the way it’s like, our worst enemy is ourselves.

Yeah, it’s nice. Having somebody that kind of is in the trenches with you, too. Oh, yeah. Right. And Chris was talking about having a little bit of humble pie, and getting some coaching and some information from the outside your partners can be your best sources of personal development. Hmm, I struggle with this. It’s tough when my partners are like, Hey, you know, this department that you’re over is really struggling right now you need to get on top of it. But your partners have so much information that employees customers, outsiders just don’t have. And so I guess I’m saying this to myself more than anybody, but you can really, with a partner, you can really get to the next level and personal development, if you allow yourself to. Yeah, did you guys get a business coach? Did you have somebody that was kind of hands on with what you guys were accomplishing?

Yeah, absolutely. So I mean, I would say that the first kind of like, mentorship we had was Todd Durkin, so he’s a gym owner on San Diego. And he like trains, like some of the athletes out there from the Chargers when they had the team out there. And we were in his mastermind. And that kind of helped out because we felt like we were stuck on an island without it. And then the big breakthrough that we had was Tai Lopez’s mastermind back in 2016. So we invested in his $25,000 mastermind for a full hour. And at that time, it was just like, honestly, we were shitting bricks, like we were calling family members to like, borrow the money calling credit card companies to increase the credit lines, because we just knew that was the next step. It was the next level for us. So we invested in that. And then, you know, being around people that are like in the million dollars being there at his Beverly Hills mansion four times out of the year, all the people you’re surrounded with, it’s just like, you’re only going to up your game after that, you know what I mean? So that was the biggest one. After that. We just started hiring coaches. And right now we’re currently in a mastermind as well, too. So we’re always going to sit there and have skin in the game on something like that, because coaches need coaches, and we need outside eyes, you know,

yeah. How does somebody go about finding something that is valuable for what they’re looking for? I believe in coaches, I believe in networking. I think those are very powerful tools. But there’s so much out there, man. Yeah. How do my listeners sift through all the garbage and find something that’s going to work for them like this work for you guys?

I wish I had like that million dollar answer. And it was black and white. But I just think that it just comes down to like, just like intuition, your gut, trusting your gut and just doing your research, right? Just really thoroughly doing your research like on this coach on this group of mastermind members, like literally take go the extra mile reach out to the people that you know, display case studies, that they have testimonials, like really genuinely connect with them and ask them by questions like, was this a good mastermind? What did it provide? You know, was there value? What were some of your results? I think if you go that route, then you know, and you get a lot of good, like positive feedback, then, you know, that’s just kind of up to you to pull the trigger. But I see people just jumping into things way too quick. And I get it. You know, there’s really good marketers out there, there’s really good sales people. So I get it to where just, people were just very vulnerable and easy to get into programs. But you got to do your research. Yeah, there’s just a good acronym to for like your listeners, it’s, it’s just tea, like a cup of tea. The T stands for theories, so any type of mastermind, you’re looking for mentorship or coach, they have to have good theories, right. And these theories, you know, have to make sense. And they have to really, like align with, like, what the needs are that you need for the business right now, you know, so, for us, the mastermind we’re in right now, it’s a specific mastermind to get to the million dollar mark, as a coaching business for business owners, right. So it’s got to be specific, there’s got to be theories that are aligned. The next one is experience. So whoever’s hosting that mastermind or whoever the coach is, they’ve got to have experience man flat out, you know, they can’t just be somebody that just like is new to the game, right? They have to have experience in the A is basically action. Are they taking action themselves? Are they walking the walk too? Are they talking the talk as well, too, and they got to take action, they got to be in the trenches as well to get their hands dirty.

That’s a good one.

I agree. 100% I actually started my podcast because there’s a lot of information out there from people that have never built a business never really scaled a business. And so it’s like, you know, I’m not the most eloquent person, but at least I’ve done it. At least I know what it takes to build a multimillion dollar company, several of them. So what was it about ties mastermind, guys, what was it like? Is it the connections Is that what you learn? Was that the motivation was it like, just kind of being at the top of your mind? What was it that kind of made that worth it to you guys,

he had like a one day event. And it just, he was just talking about his whole story. And this is very relatable to ours, you know, we lost our father when we were 17 years old three days before Christmas. And he just like, we were just like alone, you know, we went through some dark times, you know, just were angry kids, and he had a very relatable story. And I just love how he was all about just like being resilient, just, you know, just gamifying just get to next level, just mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. And I was just like, you know, what something in my gut is telling me that this is like a good thing we need to invest in, we need to learn through osmosis and be around other people that are just playing on a bigger level that are thinking at an elevated level. So it just felt right. And then like, once we were in there, you know, we just, we got so many connections, so many resources. I mean, obviously, there wasn’t like a blueprint given to you. And that’s a very just like dogmatic type of, you know, mindset. If you think that you’re gonna get like a blueprint and a mastermind. It’s more about just who you connect with and how you take action and utilize those resources. So, yeah, it was great. That’s where we actually wrote our first book, because we got introduced to like a publishing company and stuff, too. So got a lot of people a lot of big names on our podcast. I mean, it’s just it was all good stuff. But it’s kind of like what you put in to it is what you’re gonna get out. Yeah,

gotcha. Yeah. There’s something about being around people that that think big. Oh, yeah. Yep. You know, I love it. I love people that just have crazy ideas. I’m just finishing this book called peak, it’s by Anders Ericsson. And this guy is. He’s a psychologist that focuses on expertise. And the biggest thing that I took from this book that is just really opened my mind is how little our accomplishments have to do with our innate natural talent. Hmm, yep. He actually says in the book, like, except for a few athletic areas, few sports, right? It’s tough for six five woman to be a gold medal gymnast, right? It’s kind of better if they’re shorter. It’s tough to be 510 and be in the NBA, right? Except for those kind of very unique scenarios, the real experts in life, and he gives specific examples, he talks a lot about Mozart, he learned it, and his were around these people that think really big. And we pair it with this concept of, hey, it’s not like whether I was given this ability or not, it’s whether I want to do what it takes. It just like opens a lot of doors. And so I see that value, just in that one fact alone, that you guys kind of rubbed shoulders and made connections with people that were doing really big things.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And what I love too about that, too, Alan is our pastor, he says, elevate your thinking, and that’ll elevate your life. And he’s got a whole little acronym, it’s think plus B plus du equals have, right? If you can think it, you can become it, you can do it, you can have it. So the more you elevate your thinking and you sometimes think delusional you don’t have a thinking cap on or a limit to that. I mean, man, sky’s the limit. Yeah.

Yeah. It’s kind of crazy. Because everything gets better as time goes on. Right? Like, can you imagine our NBA against like the 1950s? Guys, it would be it would be crazy, right? But it’s the same in, in kind of the mundane things that we’re doing right? and entrepreneurship and even physical health, right, that you guys have a huge, huge part in. And a lot of it just has to do with mindset. And that’s why I like rubbing shoulders with people that are better than me that have achieved things that that I haven’t achieved, because it’s like, okay, now it’s possible, right? Remember the first guy to break the what was it the four minute mile? It was like this landmark occasion. And then the the next year, like 12 people had done it. Step one, remove the concerns that something’s not possible. And it just changes everything. Yeah, right just changes our mindset. How are you guys using that type of thinking in your business?

So right now we’re doing like the last four years, we’ve completely pivoted to b2b coaching with fitness professionals. So we’re helping them build their online coaching businesses and the biggest thing we’re seeing is just breaking past self self limiting beliefs. And those usually kind of like stem from like, you know, the fear of getting started fear of failure, imposter syndrome, comparison syndrome, scarce money mindset, right? So, if we can sit there and identify which ones they are really struggling with, and actually peel back those layers, I mean, that’s when they’re able to unlock their, their, their true greatness, have faith in themselves and take action. But if you can’t sit there and break past those limiting beliefs or false belief patterns, there’s no way there’s no way you can sit there and push forward and you’re gonna you can’t last in this game of entrepreneurs and there’s no way.

So this concept of imposter syndrome, I think it exists pretty much for everybody I’ve ever met somebody, no matter what level they’ve attained. That doesn’t face that. What are your guys’s tricks? What are you guys telling people? How are you helping people kind of push through this mentality that they don’t belong?

One of my mentors is a personal growth mentor named Philip Mckernan. He always said don’t ever put anybody on a pedestal. So as soon as he said that, that completely just reframed my mindset to where it’s like, some of these people in the fitness industry that I had on pedestals were that are pioneers, right? They have PhDs or they’ve done this and that, like, I always used to look up to him like that, like a like, almost like on a pedestal towards like, there’s no way I’m going to reach their level. So once you kind of like, just reframe your mindset to not ever put anybody on a pedestal, that’s the one thing that really helps out with imposter syndrome. The second thing is, again, reframe your mindset is served. Right, so selling at its highest level of serving, and not everybody is gonna want that other person out there. And you’re going to connect with them for different reasons, your story, like the way you carry yourself a message that you have, right, the way you speak to them, the way you teach something. So there’s room for everybody, there’s a piece of the pie for everybody, you know, so it’s really about just again, kind of breaking that down and getting out of your own head that like, there’s more to give than this other person that you’re kind of putting on a pedestal or that you just have to, like have this comparison syndrome or something like that, you know, I would even say, to add to that really quick, just understanding that you have to take imperfect action, like you’re never gonna, you know, be perfect, whatever you put out, never gonna be perfect. It’s like you’re a constant student, everything’s evolving, innovating so fast, where it’s like, man, as long as you’re in the game and not on the sidelines, I mean, you’re good to go.

Yeah, and I think it comes down to your motivation, a lot of times, so. And it’s really natural for high achievers to feel like if they’re progressing, that they get this natural kind of form of motivation, right, it’s those plateaus, they reach a certain level. And I’ve experienced this professionally, I’ve experienced this in the gym, like, and it’s really frustrating when you keep doing kind of the same thing that got you to where you are, and it’s not getting you anywhere else not getting you to the next level. And for experts, for people, you know, trying to achieve this kind of really high level of success in their life. They’ve got to find something else, right? It can’t just be progress, because sometimes not the progress necessarily stops, but you feel like it does, right? You’re not seeing the weight loss or the muscle gain or whatever. And so, now, as you guys are kind of spreading your message, are you focused on specific types of motivation? And helping people stay motivated? Is that involved in kind of what you’re doing? And what role does motivation play in your guys’s world,

the way we kind of frame it to like our students and community is we call it mind growth. And it’s the same kind of context of mindset, but I the mindset so played out if it feels like your, your mind is set, meaning there’s no room for growth. So I kind of just coined it and I was like, You know what, we’re gonna call it mind growth, because I cost you want to grow my. But yeah, that’s, that’s what we’re doing, you know, is we’re really putting, you know, mind growth at the forefront of just like being an entrepreneur and a business owner, because there’s so many layers to that, right. And there’s so much that is going on in the world that we cannot control. So we’re just big on that man, just like your motivation is going to come from literally just like your controllables versus your uncontrollables. It’s like there’s so many things you can control on a day to day basis, right starts with your thoughts, your attitude, your actions, right, then out there, go out there and serve and just try to get 1% better mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, let that compound over the days, the weeks, the months, and the years, and I promise you, you’ll be a better person overall. I mean, I think too many people just focus on the uncontrollables. And you know, 90% of the time of why we have like a situation going on, or we have a self limiting belief, self doubt. It’s like we’re pouring more gasoline, exaggerating that pain on something that we cannot control. So our motivation is just like, it crumbles. And thus, we just like, throw in the towel. So we’re just big on that, you know, just really setting the tone with that.

It’s funny that you mentioned that I saw a post today in an industry Facebook group that I’m involved in. And somebody was complaining about another company. Yeah, how they’re doing business. And I said something about how it doesn’t do them any good to complain and bad mouth, this other company, mostly because they don’t take it don’t control that other company. And I kind of got into this, explaining that, you know, we have to focus on the things that we can control. That’s hard to do, guys, it is so hard to do. How do we do that? How do we get rid of some of that noise that we hear? Whether it’s you know, our internal demons, our excuses, the weather stuff that we have no control over and focus on the things we control? How do we do that?

It’s a great question. I wish I had this like you know, black and white answer but it’s not unfortunately for me, you know, like what works great and I see for others just starting your day with the morning routine is controlling that that emotion right and the things you can then starting with some gratitude. You know, I know it sounds like cliche, but it really is true, because it’s true man when you really think about it, if you have a roof over your head if you have you know food, if you have your health your loved ones around you. You truly don’t need anything else, right? I know we’re all go getters. We want more but when you ground yourself With that kind of mindset that you have everything you need, and you just have that abundance. I think that definitely helps out, you know?

Yeah, you know, what’s funny is, I think one of my greatest creators or forms of motivation is my gratitude. Yeah. So every morning, I list three things. And I actually write it out three things that I’m thankful for every single morning. And it can be something super small, like, Hey, I’m, I’m happy The sun is shining today. Or, you know, I’ve got a view of the trees from my office, like little tiny stuff. Exactly. I think you’re right. I love that you mentioned I love that you mentioned morning routine. And I love that you mentioned gratitude. Because it’s really tough to be unhappy. If you’re grateful, really tough to do. Impossible. And in my opinion, if you’re sitting there listing the things you’re thankful for, because then you’re focused on what you have, not what you don’t have. And then also, I think you’re also focused on what you can control. I love that you brought that up in that context.

Yeah. Because I know man, like firsthand, like, if I don’t have my morning routine, that 60 minutes where like, I’m reading, I’m having my coffee, my silence, I’m doing my affirmations, I’m doing my stretching my gratitude. And man, my day is going to be thrown off, I’m going to be a little bit negative, I’m going to let little tiny things get to me and have that little voice right here, like telling me things. So I think it’s super important. I think everybody has to have a morning routine. Yeah, I think to just it sets the tone for you to not be in reactive mode. Right? That and what generally sets us off is these things, the phones, yeah, people wake up, they go straight to the phone, they start scrolling, and they go into reactive mode, right to where it’s like, they’re not thinking for themselves. And it’s like, you have to program your mind to play offense, not defense. And that’s why morning routines is it’s huge. Like I wish everybody could just like you know, incorporate that type of habit,

it’s really been a game changer. For me, I’ve had a specific morning routine that I you know, I’ve made some changes to over the years, but I’ve been doing it on and off for three and a half years with the, like I said, the changes in there. But all notice, and this might sound super cliche or whatever. But I’ll notice, like if I get into, you know, a tough discussion with a vendor, or I have, you know, lose track of my emotions with an employee or something. If I sit and think about it, I can tie those things back to how my morning routine went. Because if if my mind is right, look, as a business owner, stuff happens every day, every single day, something happens, right, large or small. And so what is making the difference is things that I can control my routine, whether I spent enough time meditating, and kind of like, take some time to take some deep breaths. But as human beings guys, don’t we, we love blaming our issues on other things, right? It makes us feel better to say no, no, the reason why I had an issue with the employee was actually because of the employee. Yeah, right. Exactly. Yeah. And so I think if we if we kind of get that structure, and as Eric said, just be really proactive about it. That’s the thing. And it comes down to they say that there’s this, you know, fixed mindset versus growth mindset, right? Which this book that I that I’m finishing, it completely refutes it. Like, there’s no such thing is, is this fixed mindset like, Hey, I can’t get better, scientifically proven that it is wrong. once people start grasping that, and they’re like, hey, it’s up to me right now. Do things happen to us? Look at you guys. You’re living example. You’ve got Delta Shi hand, right? But look at what you guys have done with it. So that’s awesome, man. Yeah, appreciate that, man.

That’s why we’re just like, you know, yeah, just diversity is gonna come in, but you have to turn your mess into your message is somehow, you know,

yeah. How have you guys done that? Is it a thoughtful process for you? Or is that kind of, you know, something that you’re like, what’s the other option?

Yeah, that’s the thing. You know, like I said, like when we were 17 years old. I mean, like, we lost our Father, you know, and he was a correctional officer at San Quentin State Prison. I mean, he was like, the role model of the breadwinner, like my mom was a stay at home mom. So our family just like crumbled. And then my mom lost her mom, three months after due to cancer. So it’s like, my mom turned to alcohol, antidepressant pills. I mean, like, we were just lost kids, you know what I mean, to where we if we kept going down that road, you know that we’re going it’s like, either we’re probably ended up in like jail. Who knows? You know, but it’s like, by the grace of God or something, we just, you know, we put our heads together. We’re like, man, we weren’t raised like this. We’re like, we have so many unique talents to where we need to figure this out. And we did.

That’s crazy. You know what your guys’s story reminds me of this? This story? You guys probably heard it. I don’t think it’s real. But there’s this guy walking down the street, sees this alcoholic homeless guy, you know, on tough times, and ask him what happened? And he’s like, Well, you know, my dad was an alcoholic like tough life. It’s like, how could I be any different and this guy that that met him he was so interesting to talk to, for a while finds out that he has a brother. And he’s like, Where’s your brother? And yeah, he lives in a, you know, fancy house and fancy neighborhood. And he’s like, Hey, can I have his content? You know, I want to talk to him, ask him what happened him. And so he meets his brother, his brother’s successful businessman has a family like, you know, in good shape doesn’t touch alcohol, like all these things. And he’s like, we I don’t understand how can you know, how could you be like that with the background with your father in terrible, you know, abuse and terrible upbringing. He’s like, how could I be anything else? It’s good. It’s easy for me to say that because I didn’t go through what you guys went through, right? I’ve had my stuff. But I’m impressed with you guys. Thank you. It’s always easier to kind of look at somebody else’s scenario and be like, add, I would have done that. But that’s not how life is we’ve been given what we’ve been given. And I think at the end of the day, after this life, I think that we are going to be held more responsible for what we did with what we had than anything else. Yeah, I like that. That’s awesome. Guys. What’s the next step for you guys? What’s, you know, what’s your ceiling? What what are your goals? What are some things that you guys kind of want to achieve? Yeah, I

mean, right now, we’re just focused on just like our business right now dynamic pros, just serving fitness professionals, man, to be honest, just like, again, kind of like putting that mind growth at the front. And then just helping them get more clients just become better entrepreneurs, you know, build six figure businesses as a fitness professional. So that’s my, my main mission right now. It really, really is, you know, that’s just what I’m focused on who I really want to help out at this point. And then eventually, I’d love to do something like a mastermind or something like that ourselves, you know, because we know the power behind those and we love being around people we love the camaraderie and the energy and all that stuff. So as soon as things kind of open back up, and somewhat normalcy, you know, maybe we’ll kind of test the waters with that, you know, yeah, just for me, I mean, similar, like, you know, interesting goals, too, but I just, I just to me, I just, I want to keep leveling up as a person. You know, I just think that it’s like Ed, my lead says, it’s like, every, every day, you’re either growing or dying, I truly believe that right to where it’s like, we have to just, you know, keep every, every single day just like, you know, get to the next best version is, you know, get 1% wiser and, like, I’m barely 35 years old. And it’s like, I just, I’m scratching the surface to where it’s like, if I keep going down this this road, like, I’m going to impact so many people. And I’m going to look back and just leave a legacy. And my whole thing is like, I want to live a life where telling the story about so that’s kind of like, you know, what, lights me up every single day,

you guys are young bucks, you’re just getting started. And I have a vision board that I look at every day. It’s nothing fancy. It’s just something I’ve created that I make sure to review to keep my mind in the right spot. And at the very top, I have this quote that says that the way to get to my next level is to help other people get to theirs, right? Yeah. Then there’s and there’s something about that I was talking to a guy that he called me, he was looking for a job. And I asked him why he was leaving his current company is one of my favorite questions. What Why are you leaving, he learned so much from somebody by asking that. And he said, He’s just wasting the money. That’s the exact words he used. And he’s like, Can everybody He’s like, I’m like everybody else just chasing money. And I said, Oh, that’s not what I’m doing. And he’s like, sure you are, or you’re not, you know, or you don’t have it. And I’m like, I mean, you’re you’re wrong about both of those things. But, and I explained to them, and obviously didn’t hire this guy, but I tried to give him a little bit of advice. And I said, if you do something for a higher reason, the money is going to come if you do something for somebody else, and you show them how what you’re doing builds value or add something to their life, the money is going to come if you do it the other way. It’s not guaranteed, right people like Well, let me get the money first, and then I’ll focus on others. Yeah, it doesn’t necessarily come right

away. That’s like, a horrible, horrible I train of thought. Yeah. And like, that’s, that’s one thing too, like, when we were in those high level masterminds, like even like ties, right, like everybody was there was like, so money focused, like, and, you know, we’d always noticed, because we were in the fitness industry, and we would take very good care of ourselves. And we’d have these conversations with these, you know, entrepreneurs, they want to make millions of dollars, or either they’re making millions of dollars, we’d always just, like, look at him, like, man, like, you want to make millions of dollars, but you can’t even like take care of your physical health. So it’s like, how are you going to last in this game? You know, like, what if you’re on your deathbed, or what if you get a disease or something like that, it’s just that excuses, always, you know, until I make this certain amount of money and so like, I make this connection, I do this or that, then I’m going to take care of my health. And we always said like, Dude, it’s not like an on or off switch. It doesn’t work out that you know, so it’s just those mindsets that people have with that, you know,

yeah. 100% Well, guys, I love it. I appreciate your time. Where can people find out more about all the great things you guys are doing?

Yeah, thanks again, Allan for having us. It was a good thank you stuff and they want to you know, find these two humongous Caterpillar eyebrows. You guys they can check us out on Instagram at Chris and Eric Martinez or you know even check out our podcasts the dynamic lifestyle podcast.

Alright, love it. Thanks, Eric. And Chris is a real pleasure. I hope you my listeners, you guys got something out of that. There were you know, we hit on some pretty heavy topics. Make sure to drop me a review on the platform that you’re listening to this on. Make sure that you subscribe also, so you don’t miss any of this great information and go check out Eric and Chris these guys. I mean, don’t you love their story? Isn’t that fantastic? I don’t think the story of you know somebody, starting with a lot. And building on to it is as cool as the story of somebody kind of rising from the ashes, which is what these guys have done. So, thanks again, Chris and Eric, nothing but the best for you guys. Thanks, man. Appreciate you.

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