S2Ep132: Going Beyond Ordinary to Achieve Extraordinary Results in Your Business

In today’s episode, Allan welcomes Fred Cary. Fred is a powerhouse entrepreneur and CEO of IdeaPros, a company that guides qualified entrepreneurs through the complexities and pitfalls of the startup world. Allan and Fred discuss why early entrepreneurs must have a good understanding of the fundamentals of running a business. In the game of business, entrepreneurs must be proactive and learn to navigate the inside game. To achieve extraordinary results with their business, entrepreneurs must aim to surpass average performance levels.

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Fred Cary


  • Know the rules of the game. 4:37
    • What Fred would tell an entrepreneur if he was an entrepreneur.
    • Early entrepreneurs don’t even know the game they’re playing.
  • It’s not all about entrepreneurs. 7:43
    • Entrepreneurship is all about Jeff Bezos and Jeff Bezos.
    • The magic bullet for entrepreneurs.
    • Elon musk and his version of billionaire roulette.
    • Taking a failure as an opportunity.
  • Plan for failure and embrace it. 12:18
    • The importance of embracing failure as an entrepreneur.
    • Focusing on the process over the objective.
  • Focus on what you want to be. 14:56
    • Focus on something that aligns with your purpose.
    • Why elon musk is a great example.
  • What is the biggest failure point for us? 17:33
    • The biggest failure point is insecurity.
    • Name one extraordinary thing you did every day.
    • Fixed vs variable mindset or growth mindset.
    • His second success at 25 years old.
  • Encourage and support your kids. 20:56
    • Encouraging kids to be their own person.
    • Be careful who you share your dreams with.
  • Stick with your job and stick with it. 23:47
    • Only 17% of Americans are entrepreneurs, which means 83% of people think you’re crazy.
    • Entrepreneurship is crazy.
  • Advice for people who don’t want to trade places. 25:39
    • The difference between a mentor and a coach.
    • Mentors vs coaches.
    • Find people who have a well-rounded background.
    • Get in touch with Fred on Instagram.

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