S2Ep140: How AI Can Humanize Your Business

In today’s episode, Allan chats with Mark Savant, founder of the podcast production agency Mark Savant Media. The company specializes in helping thought-leaders launch, automate, and grow podcasts. He also hosts the After Hours Entrepreneur, a globally ranked top 1% podcast.

Topics include:

  • The power of a podcast (01:42)
  • A.I. and the future of work (04:27)
  • Is A.I. “evil”? (08:09)
  • Where content creators can start with A.I. (10:11)
  • The current worth of A.I. (13:27)
  • Using AI with his podcast consulting (16:10)
  • Using tech to buy time back for that human touch (18:17)
  • Experimenting with AI for success (22:34)

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