S2Ep150: Sports Lessons Applied To Business

In episode #150, Allan chats with Andy Neary. Andy is a former pro baseball player and Ironman triathlete. Currently, he's assimilating the lessons learned from competition into Complete Game Consulting, where Andy helps business and insurance professionals excel in their careers and lives. Topics include:

  • Trailer & intro (0:00)
  • The triathlon that still haunts Andy (1:46)
  • Knowing when you’re pushing too hard (3:24)
  • The art of knowing when to quit (8:07)
  • Why Andy quit his third triathlon (9:44)
  • Knowing when to pivot (11:41)
  • Sports teaching lessons about business (13:24)
  • The mentality required for sustained success (15:30)
  • How young entrepreneurs struggle (21:51)
  • The underutilized value of psychometrics (26:27)

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